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All of Monti’s Rimedi CBD undergoes thorough testing to ensure that we only provide top quality, premium products. Our third-party testers provide a full content report for you to review, so that you can be sure you can trust what you are paying for.

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What is a COA? What does COA stand for?

COA is short for Certificate of Analysis. A COA is a document provided by a third-party lab that details the contents

How do you read a COA?

There are a couple of sections that you should review while interpreting a COA:

Batch and Product Information on a COA

At the top of the Certificate of Analysis page, you will see batch and product information. Check the uppermost section to see if the product that was tested is the same one that you are consuming. Additionally, you should see information about the testing company, and the date that the sample was tested. Sometimes you may see a photo of the product included as well.

Cannabinoid Content on a COA

Different companies will structure their COA’s differently, but all CBD products will have a breakdown of the cannabinoid content. You can check that the CBD concentration matches the product packaging that you bought. You can also easily see the Δ9 concentration. If your product is full-spectrum CBD, there will be some level of Delta-9 THC. You can verify that the content is at legal levels. You may also see information about a wide range of other cannabinoids. For more details on other cannabinoids, read our blogs on CBN, THC-0, CBL, CBG, and more.

Terpenes on a COA

Some COA’s provide information on terpenes. Terpenes are a combination of hydrogen and carbon atoms that occur naturally in many different plants. Individual terpenes play a unique function in the effects and fragrance of cannabis, and vary by strain.

Additional Screenings on a COA

You will also see purity information on a COA. Make sure to review the Heavy Metals summary section – there shouldn’t be any heavy metals in your product. Additionally, you’ll notice sections for other undesirable chemicals – such as residual solvents and bacteria.



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