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Grow-pod converted shipping containers are state of-the-art, environmentally optimized growing systems for growing high quality medical marijuana. Your investment goes into a 3 year ownership of a built-out, insulated container. It’s then leased to you as part of a licensed 15,000 sq. ft. facility. Investor lease payments are based on a percentage of profits and are very exciting! Our self-contained and energy-efficient, “Ready to Grow” containers are air and watertight. Inside a Grow Pod, the air and water are filtered, and since it is a sealed environment, there is little chance for contamination. LED lights are purposefully designed to emit only select wavelengths, which plants are able to absorb for photosynthesis. Perfect for controlled year-round cultivation of high-quality medical marijuana. Our system not only creates a year around growing system but predictable results harvest after harvest. Our expertise and experience, combined with top-quality equipment and systems produces consistently high yields.

  • 40’ long – High Cube insulated shipping container
  • Dual 2-ton 24,000 BTU Mini Splits
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration with dual pre-filter canisters
  • 200-amp electric panel with separate breakers for all components
  • 225 -pint Quest© dehumidifier system
  • Dual intake fans with carbon pre-filters and exhaust fan
  • 8 Nextlight© full spectrum dimmable LED grow lights, perfect from veg to flower
  • 5’ x 32’ sliding/rolling grow table for easy access
  • 4’ decontamination entry room
  • Trolmaster© automated monitoring and control system
  • 4 camera wireless surveillance system, accessible via smartphone or tablet

All operations of our Grow-Pod converted shipping containers are done by experienced professionals, as part a successful cultivation facility.

Bypass the risk and expense of constructing, buying, or renting a facility and having to do the build-out. Our experts and our containers are ready to go and grow.

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